RTHK Radio 3 Money For Nothing – SOPA Awards/Digital Publishing 6th June 2013



RTHK Radio 3: Money For Nothing - Friday 7th June 2013 8.15am 

Newspapers, publishing, and the digital age. Where’s the world of journalism headed?

Last night SOPA the Society of Publishers in Asia announced its awards for excellence in journalism, and the awards were dished out to publishers and news agencies such as Bloomberg, the South China Morning Post, the IHT The International Herald Tribune etc etc.  But what’s the future for the publishing business in Asia…? In the future will newspapers still exist, as perhaps more and more people start reading news and other content on mobile devices of various types…

Well joining James Ross our media contributor to discuss this, and last night’s SOPA awards, are Anne Wong, Director of Marketing from the SCMP, and Keith Bradsher, Hong Kong Bureau Chief for the New York Times – and the winner of one of last night’s awards for Business News Reporting.