RTHK Radio 3 Money For Nothing – CSR in Media 6th May 2013

The-Media-Alliance-logo cropRTHK Radio 3: Money For Nothing - Monday 6th May 2013 8.20am 
CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, has become a regularly used phrase in recent years as big business tries to perhaps “clean up its act” and “give something back” to the community, whether locally to charitable organisations, or in a wider way, contributing to educational, environmental or perhaps other green projects and campaigns.
But how does this extend to the Media, Advertising and Entertainment industries?  Do they set the examples that perhaps we should to the broader world of business? The Media Alliance  is running a one-day event on 7th May in Hong Kong focusing on exactly that subject - CSR in Media, Advertising & Entertainment. 
Media correspondent, James Ross, CEO of Lightning International, talks to:
Craig Hobbs the CEO of The Media Alliance for Social Awareness, and Robert Grieves, Chairman of strategic PR company Hamilton Advisors, and Chairman of the CSR Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.